Rich v Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust [2015] EWHC 3395 (QB) (24 November 2015) 

“The key issue in this case is whether corticosteroid drugs should have been given to Melissa’s mother, Helen, before her delivery by emergency Caesarean section (“CS”) at 321 weeks’ gestation. The Claimant alleges that this failure caused or materially contributed to her developing post-natal Respiratory Distress Syndrome (“RDS”) as a result of which she required mechanical ventilation. Consequently, so the Claimant’s case runs, she suffered cerebral ischaemia resulting in cerebral palsy due to Periventricular Leukomalacia (“PVL”).” (paragraph 2)

This case was medically complex and involved detailed analysis of expert evidence. Reasoning of Bailey applied to determination of causation. Judgment for the Defendant.