Rallison v North West London Hospitals NHS [2015] EWHC 3255 (QB) (11 November 2015) 

“…the parties to this action came to terms. It was agreed… the defendant would pay the claimant the sum of £450,000 together with their reasonable costs to be subject to a detailed taxation if not agreed. The claimant indicated an intention to seek an interim payment of costs. The defendant has indicated a willingness to make such an interim payment. The parties differ, however, as to the size of that payment. The claimant claims £574,000; the defendant volunteers £250,000.” (paragraph 1)

“In my view, there is an argument of real substance here that the total costs claimed is not proportionate to the complexity of the case, to the amount which it might reasonably have been anticipated would be recovered and to the amount actually recovered. This was a fairly typical clinical negligence case with significant, but not unusual, causation difficulties.” (paragraph 13)

The court ordered £306,763 on account of costs.