North Bristol NHS Trust v White [2022] EWHC 1313 (QB) (26 May 2022)

This is a claim for committal for contempt. [1]

this claim arises out of an earlier clinical negligence claim brought by Miss White against the Trust [2]

…In the particulars of claim Miss White alleged that the Trust had been negligent by failing to refer her for a neurosurgical assessment on the 18th of September 2011 and further asserted that had that referral taken place she would have been offered a spinal operation within 48 hours which would have frozen her symptoms in time and prevented any further deterioration. [27]

the Trust instructed surveillance agents to video Miss White and they carried out surveillance … That surveillance showed Miss White visiting Tescos, Sainsburys and a Variety store called B&M. She drove to and from these stores, getting in and out of her car freely and easily. She walked around the stores without any apparent limp, slowness or disability. She bent down and sorted through clothes in the back of her car. She bent down and looked at calendars in the Variety store and she walked with a dog on a lead carrying various items. It was apparent to any objective observer of those videos that Miss White’s complaints made to various medical and other experts and reproduced in the experts reports, signed by those experts under CPR part 35 with statements of truth, were false and misleading. [33]

sentenced to 6 months immediate imprisonment [105]